Tholang Mothelesi-Hlitana

I am Tholang Mothelesi-Hlitana. I grew up in small town named Pudimoe, in the North West province, but live in Gauteng at the moment. I was raised by my mother who was not married to my biological father,  and experienced living with my sibling’s dad.  This gave me my own imagination of how blended families could benefit the children.


I got married at the age of 23 and God blessed us with three boys, which are the apple of my eye. In my marriage, I became a woman of many hats, including pastoring our own church, which made me understands that life experiences and challenges have a great impact in who we become and how we do life, but I also learned that with God on our side, nothing is impossible.


Then I divorced, after 13 years of marriage, and  being a divorced parent has not been easy.

Looking back, I would not trade my life experiences for anything, as I know now, that it was all for my good and the profound testimony that is in progress as I continue to see God’s mercies that are new every morning.