Thandeka Moroeng

Born again child of God. I have 3 amazing boys one inherited from my sister when she passed on.

I grew up in a Christian family & received Christ in my teenage years and lived my young life fully dedicated to Christ. At 24 I got married to someone who later became a pastor & I felt very uncomfortable & inadequate to occupy the office of mamfundisi but little did I know that God was sharpening in me the gift of being able to love people unconditionally from every size shape or form especially women even those that you know are malicious. In that season God taught me the importance of supporting one another as the body of Christ, to surround myself with the hands/eyes of God (sisters who prayed for me)

We got divorced 12 years later. I had to learn to hold on to the love of Christ I always profess. Had to lean on the provider I always preached about. I had to start life from scratch from getting shelter for my kids to making sure we’re financially stable to being emotionally sound & supportive to them (kids) as we walked this journey together

Life has not been easy but I have learned to deepen my anchor of hope in Christ through it all & trust the author & finisher of my faith & my life. He is the potter moulding me & making me for His Glory.