Nomhle Sandawana

A child of God and daughter to Masulumane and Welcome Sandawana. Originally from South Africa (Johannesburg), currently based in London on a journey to pursue her dreams and make them a reality.

As a young person, I have observed that life is a journey to self-discovery, it is a journey to finding your true self, who you were created to be and using your God given gifts to complete the assignment that God has called you to here on earth. Growing up in a world that has created a pattern and formula to living has become something I had to learn to evaluate and question. There was a point in my life when I asked God to show me the assignment He has called me to do, only to discover that my question to God first resulted in internal fixing, moulding and shaping. There were certain wars within me that I needed to fight and I was not even aware of them. I came to understand that these wars within me resulted in daily emotions that negatively affected my life.

I know how it is to be silent and allow the wars within take hold of you but then put a smile on your face and act like all is well, I know how it is to be in a home full of love and people but still feel alone and empty on the inside. And, admitting my inner struggles to God and asking Him to help me deal with them, led to Him fixing me from the inside and leading me to my purpose. It is not an easy journey, it required me to step out of my comfort zone and the norm,  It was a journey between me and God, just like Joseph, it was a ‘’pit moment’’ where God began to do an internal work within me, a work I never thought I needed until I was in it and realise it’s all I have ever needed.

God has a way of using what you have been through to make you a vessel to help others who have been through a similar past. And indeed my past has led to my purpose, to be used by God to help young nations to turn their inner struggles to Him and be who they were created to be