A wife and a mother born in South Africa (Mafikeng) in a village called Magogoe. Trained as a teacher now a Senior Training Officer in Safety. Currently living with her husband and kids in Johannesburg.

Life is a beautiful gift however I had my share of uneven experiences, trials and tribulations! There was a time I was a single mother raising two wonderful kids. I understand and relate to struggles of single parenting, there was a time I was homeless from sleeping on a queen size bed to the floor!

I know how its like to be kicked out of a place you called your home because there is another woman in the picture. I can relate to a woman forced to be strong for the sake of her kids while homeless being so heartbroken to the point of not believing in love anymore. Painful as it was I had great women surrounding me and speaking life to my situation. Reminiscing every aspect of my journey I can surely say my past has given birth to my life purpose and God was in it all along!

If we intentionally fix our eyes on Him, He is able to incapacitate our hearts with His love, peace and joy once more and fight our battles.  When God takes you through pain it is to equip you with knowledge, insight and understanding which enables you to be a pillar of strength to others. I believe when we lend an ear to a sister, mother or granny with the intention of restoring dignity and hope God does signs and wonders!